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$1.3 Billion market cap

What is the future of investing in Bitconnect? Bright and strong. Bitconnect just reached $1.3 billion market cap standing strong at #8.

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What's next?

Brief overview of how to deposit your Bitcoins into Bitconnect, exchange them to BCC tokens and make your first loan.

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Don't have Bitcoin?

One of the most popular and reliable options to buy bitcoin if you are located in the USA is Coinbase. Another benefit of using them, is that your get $10 free in bitcoin, if you buy more than $100 worth of bitcoin from them.

Not located in USA? Then we recommend using Spectrocoin, which has proven to be reliable over the last 4 years of operating as a bitcoin exchanger. You got many options of making deposit (depending on your location).

Bitconnect Affiliate program

With Bitconnect you can earn interest daily as a given, but you can make extra on top of that, by utilising their affiliate program. See the affiliate program structure below

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Bitconnect Testimonials

Still not convinced? Check out a couple out of many success stories.

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Bitcoin (BTC) is the main gateway to the other crypto currencies. Once you have bitcoin you can exchange it for any of the over 800 crypto currencies on the market in a number of exchanges.

Now there are other crypto currencies for example Litecoin (LTC) and Etherum (ETH) that have become popular and some exchanges are allowing you to exchange using them.

But just like in trading stocks there needs to be a buyer and seller in the marketplace. You will find that most active trading is still done in bitcoin.

No, you can buy a portion of a bitcoin up to 8 decimal places. For example a 1/2 of bitcoin is 0.50000000

You can buy and hold as little as .00000001 of a bitcoin which at $4,700 USD for a 1 bitcoin would be equal to $.000047 cents. One thing to remember is that a network transaction fee can be 0.00115831 BTC which is about $5.44 USD.

This really depends on where you are in the world and how much you are looking for.

If you want to get started instantly with under $150 in Bitcoin using a credit card the #1 exchange for those in the USA is Coinbase. Over time you will be allowed to increase your limits and you can also use a bank transfer though it will take 7 days for the transfer to be made. If you are located elsewhere, you can top up your Bitcoin via SpectroCoin.

For other options see here.

A bitcoin address is like a unique email address which is generated at the time of first use.

For example when you want to send bitcoin somewhere like to Bitconnect you need to get your BTC Deposit Address that will look like this: 1NB1CL3euHoh9TRM2YntFsbZxbey646YyE

This is what you will copy and paste in the Send to field in coinbase for example.

Be sure you copy and paste the full and correct address for there is no way to cancel or refund a transaction if sent to a wrong address.

There are 4 ways you can profit:

  1. You can hold the Bitconnect token (BCC) in expectation of it increasing.
  2. You can Lend to the Bitcoin Volatility Software. This pays daily interest averaging about 1% a day. The minimum amount is $100.
  3. After your first Lend you can share your affiliate link with others to earn commissions when those you share with Lend and Reinvest.
  4. You can mine the Bitconnect token though this is not really that profitable with normal home computers.

When you register for an account with Bitconnect only your email address is verified.

Your sponsor and those you sponsor will only see your username and phone number. I personally would recommend a virtual phone number like a Google Voice number.

Bitconnect bases the amount it pays out on a portion of what the bitcoin volatility software can generate each day. Currently averaging about 1% a day though not guaranteed.

Watch the first video in the Testimonials section above.

Bitconnect created a token that is on a few exchanges and now worth $907 million dollars. Then having to use this token to get into their successful bitcoin volatility software is simply ingenious. When you are paid out you need to again exchange your earnings into these tokens. This creates supply and demand.

Plus there are staking rewards simply by holding the tokens to further limit the supply. The Bitconnect token has even out performed bitcoin. From April 1st to September 1st 2017 the Bitconnect token has seen an increase of 3,441% while bitcoin has seen an increase of 358%.

Just as the creator of bitcoin is unkown the owner of Bitconnect wishes to remain anonymous for privacy and security reasons.

Since the banking system controls many governments it is in their and our best interest to keep it that way.

Crypto currency is like the gold rush and the beginning of the internet boom and so there are a number of risks and also great rewards.

The smart thing is to never put in more than you can afford to lose.

Just a few of the risks are:

  1. Token value volatility.
  2. Something better comes along.
  3. Company server hack or glitch.
  4. Lost or stolen wallet password.
  5. Your computer gets hacked.
  6. Business closing.

These risks must be weighed with the great rewards. Bitconnect is giving people opportunities they could have never dreamed of before.

You can lend a minimum of $100 to the volatility software and a maximum of $100,000.

As you earn interest you can re-invest a minimum of $10 for compounding interest. Each re-invest is treated as a new lend.

There are no sign up fees or on going expenses.

You can buy and hold any amount of Bitconnect tokens and there is no fee to hold them. In fact you can earn more simply by holding them. This is called "Staking".

In order to participate in the Bitconnect Affiliate program you do need to lend at least $100.

Staking is when you hold tokens and get staking rewards each month for holding them. For example from July 1st 2017 to December 31st, 2017 you get 8% increase of tokens each month. Then 7% for the next 6 months. And so on.

So you get to profit from any increase in the value of the token and also from the staking rewards. With a token gain of 3,441% from April 1st to September 1st it certainly would have better to just hold tokens. But the token price is uncertain and lending over time with compounding will overtake the gains in staking.

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